Posted by Merissa Vosloo

Dear SUC family & friends

Welcome to our Sunday Service! As we gather, let’s partake as we usually would as if we were physically together. Let’s worship with thankful hearts and give honour to the One who is most worthy. May our eyes be opened to His presence and transforming work in our lives, as we turn our eyes toward Him.

Our digital service For Sunday 13 September 2020

The elders’ call to worship:

“I think how much you have helped me,

I sing for joy in the shadow of your protecting wings.

I follow close behind you, your strong right hand holds me securely.”

Psalm 63:7-8

Dear Lord Jesus when we look back and reflect on our life journey, that is when we realized you are always there. Often when we deep in troubled water we don’t realize it was you Lord that rescued us. We pray for complete peace and no anxiety as we listen to your word & sing your praises. Amen

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Children and Teen church:

Continuing our Worship

Members who normally contribute their tithe/offering by means of cash placed in the basket at Sunday services are encouraged to continue to do so by means of electronic fund transfer into the Church’s dedicated account.    Standard Bank a/c no 080358713, Branch code 050417.

Elders Prayer of Intercession

Lord once again we are so grateful for the constant kindness of our SUC family that continue to give of what they can towards tithes, or simply offering to help deliver parcels that have kindly been donated. I pray Lord for all folk that have suffered and lost loved ones, Lord I bring those broken hearts to you. I pray for our leaders Lord may they look to you for wisdom when making decisions about our country.


Need to make contact?

Our pastors will be available on WhatsApp, SMS or email.

Murray Smith                083 797 3402    

Rob Swan                    082 689 7696    

Merissa Vosloo            083 496 4457    

Nicola Moolman           062 726 1956