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Murray's midweek Message
August 19, 2015

Living the Message: “Pilgrimage – no, that turns out to be yes”

Everything begins with a decision. Aeons ago God decided to create beings other than himself, that he could live in loving relationship with, who could choose to walk towards him or away from him, “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of […]

July 29, 2015

Living the Message – Series in Psalms:  Part 1:  “Refuge”

Sunday podcast message for “background” to bible study is available at I remember as a young child on the farm, being left “home alone” one night with a caretaker, while my parents had gone out gallivanting. The caretaker had decided that once I was asleep it would also be ok to leave and go home. […]

July 22, 2015

Living the Message: Series in Psalms:  Part 1:  “EXILE”

Like any human relationship our relationship with God can go wrong. There may be a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the most frequent is that unexpected “things” (exile) happen to us, or those we love, which cause us to believe that God is no longer interested in our complex daily realities. Because we […]

June 24, 2015

Living the Message: “Back to the Future”

Some people say, one day soon, God is going to destroy the earth. While I do believe the day is coming when the earth, as we know it now, will no longer exist, I also believe that the last day of our experienced world, will be the first day of the New Creation. Perhaps, from […]

June 9, 2015

Living the Message: What are you known for?

Some of us are known for our solid work ethic, others not. Some of us are known for our well developed skills, others not. Some of us are known for our astute academic ability, others not. Some of us are known for our catalytic charisma, others not. The scriptures speak of some choices we have […]

June 3, 2015

Living the Message” “Better than ‘Top Billing?”

Some of us grew up in wonderfully affirming homes, which gave us a strong sense of acceptance and self-worth. Some of us did not, which means we may have tried to find acceptance and our identity elsewhere, perhaps with a particular group of people, or in a particular life-style. Over time, you may have found […]

May 26, 2015

Living the Message: “Are there advantages to getting lost?”

Ever feel like you have lost your way? With the modern tech we have these days you would think it unlikely that we still get lost when travelling around on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle. However, the reality is that sometimes we do still lose our way. Men, especially don’t like to acknowledge we […]

May 19, 2015

Living the Message: “Route 62”

If we were to take a road-trip along the N2 heading south towards the garden route from Port Elizabeth, we would after a while, encounter signage telling us that the off-ramp to Route 62, is coming up soon. And, if we were to leave the main road and take that off ramp we would begin […]

May 12, 2015

Living the Message: “Uniqueness”

There is no one quite like you that walks the earth today. No one with your quirkiness or quaintness. No one with you style or ‘lack of style’. No one with your thumb print or eye print. You may have noticed by now that the people around you are quite different from you. Some people […]

May 5, 2015

Living the Message: “Smallness”

You may be someone quite important on planet earth. You may hold an important position in society and have a large amount of people who answer to you. Or, you may be someone who does not have much status in society. You are way down the list of societal influence and feel quite unimportant. Either […]

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