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Murray's midweek Message
February 10, 2015

Living the Message – Kingdom Ethics part 1: Responding to Disability

Sunday podcast message for this small group study is available at   Alasdair MacIntyre says, “When we do think of disability, we tend to think of “the disabled” as “them,” as other than “us,” as a separate class, not as we ourselves have been, sometimes are now and may well be in the future.” Some […]

February 3, 2015

Living the Message: When we feel inadequate

Sunday message for this small group study is available at   It does not take much for us to feel inadequate. The pace and pulse of a busy life saps our energy. The demands on our time and resources restrict our ability to remain positive. We find ourselves thinking negatively and fatalistically. Perhaps some of […]

October 15, 2014

Worthwhile Investment

Can we really get to know God? Some would say it’s impossible. After all God is infinite and we are finite. Even though this may be true, that God is truly ‘other’ than we are, He has still allowed us to get to get to know Him. Of course we should not expect this to […]

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