Posted by Murray Smith

At the heart of our belief in the sovereignty of God is the understanding that God is in control of all that he has created in heaven and on earth. In the Sunday message, (available at,we looked at the sovereignty of God in Luke’s gospel and now continue the same theme into the book of Acts, also written by Luke (see Acts 1:1).


  1. Sometimes the book of Acts is described as the Acts of the Apostles or the Acts of the Holy Spirit, both of which are certainly true. However, the bookends of Acts give us a clear indication of the message Luke is conveying in his second volume. Read Acts 1:3 and Acts 28:31 and discuss together what you think Luke’s main purpose is in writing Acts, and, its relationship to the sovereignty of God?


  1. During Peter’s inspired speech in Acts 2 he begins to clarify to the people that all preceding events have taken place according to God’s plan. Take a closer look at Acts 2:22-28 and discuss together the key elements of this text with regard to God’s sovereign activity. Make sure you discuss the prophetic voice of David referred to by Peter here from psalm 16.


Read psalm 16 together and reflect on how this vision David had of God’s sovereignty influenced his thinking. Taking your lead from psalm 16 talk about how your understanding of God’s sovereignty should influence your daily thinking?


  1. Jesus’ ministry in Luke’s gospel consisted of many miracles. Acts 3 begins with the account of the crippled man healed. Read the story and discuss what is similar, with regard to God’s sovereignty, to the raising of the widow’s son we looked at on Sunday in Luke 6:11 – 17.


Consider the irony of this man, “begging in front of the temple gate called Beautiful,”?


How can the fresh revelation that God is sovereign (all-powerful; all-knowing; all-loving) assist us in bringing beauty to people whose lives are restricted like the crippled man?


Acts 3:22 and Acts 3:24-26, refer to some important OT passages:

  • What are these passages?
  • How do they demonstrate God’s sovereignty?
  • Discuss together how you think the global church in general is doing and SUC specifically, in fulfilling the covenant promises made to Abraham?

What can we do differently?  What can we be more intentional about?