Posted by Murray Smith

Themes in Luke & Acts

In the Sunday message available at, we said that to gain a deeper understanding of Dr Luke’s writings we need to pay attention to the details

  1. Read Luke 8:1-3 together and reflect on the following:


  • Why do you think Jesus started with 12 men as his disciples? (Consider OT realities)
  • Why do you think Jesus was comfortable to have women financially support him and the initial male group of disciples?
  • Talk about the courage required by these creative “women of means” to support the growing ministry of Jesus in the culture of the day we mentioned on Sunday.
  • How do you believe we (the church) can better serve the kingdom of God through healthy relationships built on each other’s strengths?


  1. Read Acts 6:1-7 together and discuss these questions:


  • What were some of the real need that emerged as the church began to grow and how did the 12 creatively decide to meet those needs?
  • What were the “deciding requirements” of the 7 that made them eligible for the new responsibility? What does this say about some of the other men who were not chosen for the job?

Should this be the same requirement for both men & women who serve in our congregations today?

  • Read Joel 2:28-32 in conjunction Acts 2:14 – 21 and talk about the anointing that was on Peter’s life as he made this profound speech. Take careful note of the inclusive language he uses. Do you think it may have been God’s plan all along that the church would represent a counter-cultural community of equality?

How does Acts 8:12 back this up?


  1. Compare the conversion experience of the Jailer & the Lydia in Acts 16:13 – 15 & Acts 16:29 – 34:


  • What similarities do you notice?
  • What differences do you notice?
  • In what ways do you think Lydia combines in her person the best of Martha & Mary we spoke of on Sunday?
  • What is enlightening about Acts 16:40 in comparing the Jailer to Lydia and what God was doing through his Spirit in the church? How can we do the same?