Posted by Murray Smith

In the Sunday message available at, we looked at a story unique to Luke of the rich man & Lazarus (Luke 16:19 – 31) with its unexpected outcome.  Luke begins the ministry of Jesus with a particular emphasis on it being good news for those considered as “the poor” (4:18), which continues through the book of Acts. You will need to keep the momentum going throughout this teaching to grasp the full message.


  1. Stewardship of material possessions
  • What kind of social standing did Theophilus (Luke 1:1-4) have and how do you think Luke’s writings would have influenced him?
  • Read the parable Jesus tells in Luke 12:13 – 21. What do you think is the main thrust of this story? Paying particular attention to vs. 15 & 21?
  • In light of the message shared on Sunday regarding our “covenant obligations”& the expectations of the poor, reflect together on Luke 12:32-34.
  • In all the above interactions what is Jesus teaching about the wise stewardship of our resources & possessions?


  1. Restitutional stewardship
  • Read Luke 19:1-9 together, another story unique to Luke.
  • What kind of lifestyle was Zacchaeus leading prior to meeting Jesus?
  • How did his encounter with Jesus transform him inwardly?
  • How did this inner transformation influence the stewardship of his possessions?
  • How might we follow this example if we have withheld our resources from God’s Kingdom and empowering the poor?


  1. Congregational stewardship
  •  How is the same theme of stewardship reflected in Acts 4:32 – 37?
  • Read the radical reality of Acts 5:1-11
  • What do you find shocking about this account?
  • Does it make more sense in light of the Sunday message?
  • How can we improve our collective stewardship in our local congregations – provide practical examples which you can follow through on.