Posted by Murray Smith

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  1. The 1st Test

Read Job 1:1-12

It is not known exactly when Job lived, but most likely it was during the period of the patriarch’s (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob), before God gave the law or appointed priests. During Job’s era fathers took on the role of priest for their family which is what Job did.  Neither is much known about the land of Uz where Job lived, other than it had plenty of pastureland and crops and was most likely east of the Jordan, where the Jews to whom God revealed himself, lived.


What kind of person was Job portrayed as?

What does Luke 22:31-32 teach about how God allows us to be tested?

Satan is looked at as the enemy/accuser because …. (1 Peter 5:8-9)?

Should we expect Satan to attack us, and if so, what offensive action can we take?

What was the severity of the 1st test and Job’s response (Job 1:13 – 22)?


  1. The 2nd Test

Read Job 2:1-10

Sometimes we think that believing in God protects us from have times of trouble or facing testing times. The unfolding story of Job paints a different kind of picture. Sometimes suffering comes quickly and unexplainably. According to the book of Job our suffering may be a test, but this is not necessarily a comforting explanation. We could say that human wisdom is inadequate to solve the problem of undeserved suffering, and therefore God invites us to look beyond our limitations, to faith and trust in His sovereignty. Perhaps this is the greatest test.



Often when good people go through suffering we ask the question why. If we always knew the answer to the “why” question would our faith have the opportunity to grow?

What do you think of the response of the three friends in Job 2:11-13, compared to their later council, seen through the example of Eliphaz speaking in Job 15:1-9? Which would you prefer?

What kind of test did Job’s wife present, and what can we learn from Job’s response? (2:9-10)


  1. God Speaks

Read Job 38:1-18

When God answered Job he did not answer any of Job’s questions but God’s response was centred on his own sovereignty and wisdom. If God has such supreme control over the created order of the universe then surely he knows what is best for every human life, made in His image.



What do we learn from Job’s response God (Job 42:1-6)?

Although the test the Canaanite women faced in Mat 15:21-28 (Sunday message) was unique to her circumstances, what are the similarities/differences between her and Job?

Pray together around Romans 8:28.