Posted by Murray Smith

“After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here …” Rev 4:1-2.

Imagine for a moment you are the doctor’s waiting room. You are more than a little anxious as you have been exhibiting some serious symptoms for quite some time. Various not such happy scenarios begin to flit through your mind about what the doctor may have to say to you. When you are finally in his presence, the doctor comes straight to the point … your condition is very serious, but also treatable.

The first few chapters of Revelation are no different. Jesus is among His churches as He always has been and always will be. The diagnosis he offers to the churches is very serious – lost 1st love, tolerant of immorality, indifferent to heresy, trading wealth for the life of the Spirit. Each church and every individual in each church is to repent of one or more of these sin induced illnesses.

But what will ensure that His church does not simply slip back into its old ways, being seduced by the unholy trinity made up of the dragon and the two beasts. Revelation 4 & 5, explain the unique, sustainable remedy – Deep Worship! For even though the diagnosis of the church is not that great, the door in heaven remains wide open and we are always welcome, despite our many sin induced illnesses. When we respond regularly to this corporate invitation to deep worship on the Sabbath, a few quite remarkable realities take place, in the Presence of the Holy One. We discover that our lives are re-ordered from the inside out not the outside in. This is primarily because of the loving stability of the throne and the One who is seated there. Here we find fresh direction for our often chaotic and busy lives, as we breathe in the breath of God – we are once again like John, “In the Spirit.” As we continue in worship and are caught up in all the spectacular splendour around the throne, including the multi-dimensional rainbow, thunder and lightning, we uncover the antidote to all the glamour and glitz the world has to offer – the sea of glass, clear as crystal, is our peace.

Living the Word: Is there any other invitation that could be more important to take up than consistent Sabbath-keeping, deep worship? What could be preventing you from regularly gathering with God’s people? Does the invitation to “Come up here” ever go away? Determine that nothing will prevent you from entering that open door, daily in private and every Sunday publically, with your spiritual family.