Posted by Merissa Vosloo

Captured is a missional ministry of Summerstrand United Church. Along with key partners – such as Ratio Christi and Kingfisher FM – we focus on initiating conversations about life, faith and truth in society.

Our purpose comes out of Ephesians 3:10 “through the church, the manifold wisdom of God be made known”. To this we strive, to the glory of God and to the growth of his Kingdom, in a world of competing worldviews, ideologies and philosophies.

Although we work in the area of christian apologetics – in defending, proclaiming and translating the Christian worldview – we believe that everyone has an opinion that should be heard. We do this on campus at Nelson Mandela University, in the work place and at local churches – through conversations, conferences, debates, work place meetings and coming along side local church ministries.

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Branch Name: Rink Street
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Account Number: 0803 587 13
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Conference Program

Friday 3 August

18:30-19:00     Arrival Time – with tea and coffee available

19:00-19:40     Mike                God’s love and our evil

19:50-20:30     Richard            The occult – satanism and witchcraft

20:30-21:00     Everyone         Q&A to questions received by SMS or WhatsApp


Saturday 4 August

8:00-8:30         Arrival Time – with tea and coffee available

8:30-9:10         John                 How do we know Jesus existed

9:15-9:55         Laurie              Interpreting reality

10:00-10:40     Doug                Hollywood’s influence


10:40-11:15 Refreshment Break


11:15-11:45     Mike                Answering the atheist on the street

11:50-12:30     Doug                Evil as the evidence for the existence of God

12:35-13:15     Laurie              With gentleness and respect


Lunch Break 13:45-14:00


14:00-14:20     Mike                Is God a moral monster in the Old Testament

14:20-14:40     Richard            Does God always do what is good today

14:40-15:00     John                 Do we do what is good according to God

15:00-15:30     Everyone         Q&A to questions received by SMS or WhatsApp