Posted by Rob Swan


“Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.”” John 4:34

How can doing God’s will be a replacement for food? I do not think that Jesus never ate, for he did on many occasions (cf. Mt 9:10-13 and Jn 21:12). Doing God’s will is not a replacement of food, it is simply just superior.

Jesus is not teaching that as a follower we should desire not to eat, but rather that we should desire to follow the will of God more than the desire we have to eat. Jesus was focused on why he had come – to be the propitiation of our sins on the Cross. I have experienced glimpses of this kind of focus, I have had days when I am so focused at what I am doing that I forget to eat, and I never grew weary or tired.

How do we start applying this verse to our lives? We need to know God’s will.

The starting place for knowing God’s will is the Bible, for it is the full and authoritative revelation of God to humans. And therefore, we need to interpret the Bible correctly.

In my experience, I tend to think that my understanding is the same thing as the Holy Spirit’s or human author’s intent. However, I invariably bring to the text all that I am, with all of my experiences, culture, and prior understandings of words and ideas.

Sometimes what we bring to the text leads us astray, or else causes us to read all kinds of foreign ideas into the text. Therefore, we need to work at our understanding of God’s word. Reading your bible is not where your engagement is to end, it is where it should start.

Reflective questions for you to consider this week?

  1. Pray and ask God to speak to you through his word in Romans 3:21-23. Do all the research you are able and capable of doing. Once you have spent your time soaking and researching, write a synopsis of the text and how it applies to you.
  2. Do you nourish your soul on the spiritual food of the Word as carefully and diligently as you nourish your body on physical food? How are you going to keep this up? Or how are you going to remedy this?
  3. In the process of growing in the Christian life and deepening your relationship with God, approximately how much emphasis have you placed on reading the Bible itself, and how much on reading other Christian books?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you that you were focused on going to the Cross so that according to God’s will we can be saved and call you Abba and be heirs with Christ. What unmerited grace. What unconditional love. Lord, please help me have the same focus is loving and doing your will in my life. Help to read and soak in your word. Amen

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