Sunday School

Our Sunday School provides a loving environment where we have fun whilst learning about God.

We teach our children to be confident Christians and not to be afraid of showing the world that they love and enjoy God. We promote being involved, be it in prayer, praise or worship. We also try to identify the children’s talents and provide every opportunity for them to put those talents into practice.

SUC Sunday School (9am on Sundays) caters for children from reception age to Grade 7 in 3 classes:

  • Pre-primary class: 6 years and under.
  • Lower primary class: Grade 1 to 3.
  • Upper primary class: Grade 4 to 7.

All teaching is bible based, thus nurturing the children in the word of God and ensuring a solid foundation with which to face the many challenges of life. At SUC, our mission is that we want to do what matters most to God and we believe this is where it begins – with our children.


For any enquiries contact Denise Klinkraadt @ 083 317 9338 or email